Unemployment and Social Instability info

Unemployment and Social Instability
Together we stand stronger
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The Team
The youth of today is facing a crisis, a shortage of sorts - not one of products, but one of access to opportunities - a way to fulfill their dreams. Rampant youth unemployment is staring us in the face and we are forced to make a choice. Do we continue the pursuit alone, or do we band together to make a change?
Ani Koleva
Is an excellent thinker and a true leader from Bulgaria.
Bojana Minic
A charismatic entrepreneur from Montenegro, Bojana can light up a room with her laugh.
Haakon Wiken
Creative and free-thinking spirit, from Oslo, Norway.
Annamaria Nemeth
From Budapest, Hungary with brains, skill and great ideas.
Pannavat Veeraburinon
Artistic and clever, Pannavat from Bangkok, Thailand is a rare talent.