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Mental Health
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The Team
The stigma of mental health is a deep-rooted problem. It even costs us lives, in the most unfortunate way. This can only be dealt with if some of us take the first, brave step and start a discourse. We, team Exulansis have tried doing our part. Care to join us?
Boyan Petrov
Boyan Petrov is a Bulgarian law student with a background in Administration of the President and European Commission in Bulgaria traineeships. Alumni of RANEPA and Allianz academies, he is an experienced young professional constantly looking for new Challenges.
Mehroze Munawar
Mehroze Munawar is a TYF'16 delegate from Pakistan and a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. She's passionate about data science and its power to create sustainable solutions to global social challenges.
Nora Nabila
Being a superhero is not everyone’s job, neither is it Nora Nabila's. But she stood by her feet in this little part of the world, telling you the story of the unsung fighter, the survivor. The documentary filmmaker who finds her prerogative in every oppression, prejudice and inequalities.
Rafsan Khan
Rafsan is a business undergrad from Bangladesh. Apart from working in different projects for mental health, he also runs his own social enterprise which deals with unemployment for the tech-deprived workers in Bangladesh.
Tamara Kojić
When not turning a XIX century chateau in France into a creative hub, Tamara is usually found roaming around the world making her magic – either organising fun events, consulting progressive companies or making music, and always focusing on love.