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Gender Equality
Together we can end domestic violence
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The Team
Get informed - Get safe - Let your voice be heard - Offer solidarity
Albert Askeljung
Passionate about education being utilized as a tool for sustainable development and peace.
Alina Binti Amir
Passionate about providing quality education for all.
Kadesiree Thossaphonpaisan
Passionate about the power of sharing, that we can learn and experience from other people and adapt to our situation.
Karoline Hjelmtvedt
Passionate about contributing to the evolving EU/EEA law, which in turn further contributes to social and economic inclusion. By enhancing a unified framework, it can bring accessibility for all- regardless of borders.
Zalán Zubor
Passionate about new ways of finding and getting out more accurate information on current events and looking for new ways to inspire people to form their own opinions.