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Climate Change
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Climate Change is Real.Consumption — A Global ChallengeSolutions Already Exist!Green Cred - An Ecosystem of ChangeWhat Can You Do Right Now?
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The Team
People all over the world shop everyday. We are a team of four consumers from different parts of the world who want to revolutionise the way we shop, the way we think about products and the impact we all have on our planet using a novel solution.
Paridhi Rustogi
Paridhi Rustogi, 22 is an environmental engineer from New Delhi, India. Her journey as an environmental activist started when she was 14 as a National Ambassador for ‘Kids for Tigers’. Since then, her passion has become her profession and she’s determined to make a positive difference in the future of the planet.
Anja Drobnjak
Anja graduated at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and currently works as a Digital Marketer. Besides her job, she is passionate about economics, dragons, writing, and all the books in the known Universe. TYF 2016 experience and her team's challenge was another amazing opportunity for expanding the knowledge and meeting great people from all around the world.
Hanne Borris
Hanne is a Techno-Anthropologist and Environmental Manager. "Technology should facilitate positive change in the world."
Sajawal Waseem
Sajawal is a Business student who loves technology and art. He believes in improving the narrative of the world by using technology and art together as a tool.