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Our goal
Team GRiP's goal is to create a collaborative platform that helps victims to break out from the cycle of abuse, provides assistance and encourages solidarity.
Gender Equality

Understanding the issue

Domestic violence is a form of gender-based violence. It affects people worldwide of all sexuality and gender. According to the WHO, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men worldwide experience intimate partner physical violence, sexual violence, and/or stalking in their life time.

"Why don't you just leave?"

Those affected by domestic violence often not only experience physical abuse but also various forms of psychological, emotional, social and financial abuse, which make it harder to get out of an abusive relationship. Victims can feel alone, guilty and hopeless.
Source: American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, Source: American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress,

Victims of domestic abuse very often find themselves in a vicious circle, where the abuser continues to convince his or her partner that this will never happen again. The cycle can continue and accelarate indefinately - the longer it does the harder it is for the victim to break the cycle without outside help.
Source: Source:
"Why don't you ask for help?"

While creating the trial version of GRiP we consulted experts (members of organizations that help victims of domestic abuse) in each of our countries.
Organizations interviewed by Team GRiP Organizations interviewed by Team GRiP

We asked them what are some of the challenges that makes it harder for victims of abuse to seek help and for professionals to provide help. With GRiP we aim to alleviate some of these problems. These were the challenges that came up frequently:
GRiP aims to answer these systemic challenges using the innovations social media, smartphone-applications and sharing economy.
Gender Equality

What is GRiP?

GRiP - Gender Rights Internet Platform

GRiP aims to give options for victims of domestic violence to:

- Gather information of their legal rights
- Get in touch with professionals such as social workers, physicans, counsellors and organizations running shelters
- Seek help from ordinary people offering rides, shelter or other forms of protection
- Get a picture of their situation and track their progress

We do this by offering a safe, easy to use and private platform where those affected by domestic violence can get informed and seek help anonymously.

Domestic abuse - it is a community issue

One of the main problems with domestic violence is that many people think it is only a private issue between the abused and the abuser. We at GRiP believe that by encouraging people to offer support we can break the taboo surrounding domestic violence and turn it into a responsibility of the community.

This way we will also bridge some of the gaps in the current professional support network and help victims to more quickly and easily get their lives on track by breaking their isolation.
Gender Equality

Features of GRiP

Click for information on the main features of the Gender Rights Internet Platform
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Gender Equality

How can I help?

One of GRiP's main goals is to promote solidarity in communities. There are several ways that volunteers can offer help:

Ride sharing
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Expand our database
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Share your story
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Get informed - Get safe - Let your voice be heard - Offer solidarity

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